Mühlen in Schleswig-Holstein

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    English titleMills in Schleswig-Holstein
    Authors & editors

    Studtje, Johannes [Author]

    Publisher Westholsteinische Verlagsanstalt
    Year of publication 1982

    German (main text)

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    Wind & watermills by Region > Other Europe (not GB) > Germany, Austria & Switzerland

    Scope & contentSummary TranslationThe book starts with the etymology of the word Mühle (mill) and its trace in place names. In Schleswig-Holstein the word Quern was also used for a mill. It goes on to describe in general water and wind mills, in particular Dutch mills and wind motors. It continues with a description of millers in Schleswig-Holstein and their rights and duties, then goes on to millstones and units of measure. This is followed by a section on the obligation of clients to use a particular mill and the abolition of this law in the 19th century. The last part of the text deals with stories and proverbs about millers. The second half of the book contains the illustrations, mainly black and white photos of mill exteriors, but also some more detailed shots and reproductions of historical documents.
    KeywordsGermany, People, Archaeology & history

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