Sefar. Over 185 years of excellence in precision fabrics

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    Year of publication 2016 May

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    Scope & contentBy Daniel Kinek, Product Manager, Sefar AG

    Sefar looks back on over 185 years of producing fabrics for technical applications. From the beginnings when it was hard manual labour by local Swiss farmers to mechanically weave the silk cloths, up to now with state-of-the-art weaving and finishing facilities in Switzerland, Romania & Thailand.

    The portfolio of polymer-based yarns encompasses more than 25 different types, carefully selected for each of the various applications. Polyamide and Polyester are by far the leading yarn types found in milling applications. Hence, Sefar produces the majority of these yarns itself through integration of yarn manufacturing facilities.

    Bolting cloths or milling fabrics still represent one of the core businesses that Sefar caters to. But alongside the still important application of screen printing mesh, Sefar nowadays is also successful in custom fabric solutions for anything from dry foods to iron ore and alumina. Just to name a few.

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