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    Pelletier, Christophe [Author]

    Publisher Milling & Grain
    Year of publication 2016 May

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    Economics & commerce > Feeding the World


    food safety

    Scope & contentBy Christophe Pelletier

    Several years ago, one of the first presentations I made had the title “Back to the Future or Forward to the Past?” To this day, I still wonder which direction we are heading.

    The past is everywhere it seems. On the consumers’ side, there is a growing desire for food and farming like they believe it was made in the past. Call it authentic, natural, and old-fashioned or any other name that appeals to consumers, many people certainly have the past in mind when they make their food choices. This nostalgia of things that never really were, as I call it, is not a new phenomenon. It comes in cycles and it is more a reflection and a reaction of a general malaise about how the present world is perceived.

    Of course, at the same time, consumers expect a level of food safety that today’s technology offers. They would not want to buy the same old food borne diseases. They want the best of both worlds; it is a fair expectation…Read more.


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