Millet. Feeding the future

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    Wilkinson, Andrew [Author]

    Publisher Milling & Grain
    Year of publication 2016 September

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    Scope & contentBy Andrew Wilkinson

    Recent studies have shown that at the current rate of growth, by 2050 the human population will have swelled to 9.5 billion. Recent FAO statistics have also shown that we do currently not have enough land set aside for cultivating crops to cope with this population surge.

    So to meet this increase in demand, we will need to find new ways of getting food to those who need it most. One of the most effective ways of meeting this deficit would be to grow the food at source – even in some of the world’s most hostile climates.

    Read about:
    Why millet?
    Processing on an industrial scale
    Urban markets
    Effects of milling on millet
    Potential health benefits
    Global warming and the increased demand for millet


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