From curiosity to action

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    Pelletier, Christophe [Author]

    Publisher Milling & Grain
    Year of publication 2016 September

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    Scope & contentBy Christophe Pelletier

    Through collaboration and brainstorming, curiosity helps create a more accurate and achievable vision of the future, on which action can further be carried out to shape the future. From this angle, there is no doubt that collaboration between all stakeholders is certainly an ongoing process; this is especially true with technology. There are new developments all the time and it certainly takes a curious mind to be able to keep up with novelties. It actually takes many curious minds, considering how huge the quantity of knowledge and information is. It also takes minds that can connect all the dots, and also connect with each other.

    As many new technological developments come from outside of the food and agriculture sectors, I believe it is critical that the food producers be proactive in the development of technologies and applications, but stating clearly what they expect from technology suppliers and tell them what they expect from them.

    Leadership is essential to create the right dynamic In this process, leadership is of the essence. Leadership is essential to create the right dynamics to make knowledge transfer happen, fast and well. The role of leaders here is to make knowledge transfer attractive and stimulating for others, so that more stakeholders participate in the development of innovation…Read more.


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