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    English titlePractical windmilling
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    Hipt, Hermann Op de [Author]

    Publisher Verlag Moritz Schafer
    Year of publication 1937

    German (main text)

    Medium Book

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    Highly technical and detailed description in small Gothic script of the construction of windmills written by a builder of mills, aimed at builders and millers in order to keep the knowledge of past centuries alive. Much of the material originally appeared in the weekly journal Die Mühle, published in Leipzig, but has here been enlarged.

    It starts with the principles of wind currents, and how to calculate the construction of mill sails; it continues with a consideration of the history of different types of windmill and the elements of their construction, then goes on to cover the mechanics of the milling process and of controlling the sails; it looks at the wood to be used in construction of the sail cross, and some of the problems that arise when the sails are turning – e.g. distortion; it considers i.a. braking mechanisms, weather beams, the neck brass, choice of millstone, roofing, damage prevention, horizontal sails and future developments.

    It ends with a general description of windmills, a German glossary of technical terms, with explanations and, in some cases, the equivalents in Low German, Dutch and Flemish.The final page shows a family tree of nine generations of the Op de Hipt mill builders who have been active in the Lower Rhine, Westphalia, Holland and Belgium since the end of the 16th century.The book is illustrated with 236 diagrams of mill components.

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