Practical digital preservation: A How-to Guide for Organizations of Any Size

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    Brown, Adrian [Author]

    Publisher Facet Publishing
    Year of publication 2013

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    Arts, culture and heritage > Digital conservation and communication


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    A practical guide to the development and operation of digital preservations services for organizations of any size Practical Digital Preservation offers a comprehensive overview of best practice and is aimed at the non-specialist, assuming only a basic understanding of IT. The book provides guidance as to how to implement strategies with minimal time and resources.

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    Divisions within this publication

    • 1: Making the case for digital preservation
    • 2: Understanding your requirements
    • 3: Models for implementing a digital preservation service
    • 4: Selecting and acquiring digital objects
    • 5: Accessioning and ingesting digital objects
    • 6: Describing digital objects
    • 7: Preserving digital objects
    • 8: Providing access to users
    • 9: Future trends