Jahrbuch für Geschichte und Kunst des Mittelrheins und seiner Nachbargebiete

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    English titleYearbook for the history and art of the Middle Rhine and its Neighbouring Areas
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    Hörter, Fridolin [Author]

    Publisher Verein für Geschichte und Kunst des Mittelrheins
    Year of publication 1951

    German (main text)

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    Energy & power > Development of technology
    Mining & extraction > Chalk, clay & stone


    Scope & contentSummary Translation

    Collection of articles on various subjects, including one about the basaltic lava industry for the production of millstones in Mayen and Niedermendig in the Eifel in prehistoric and early historical times (an article continued in the yearbook for 1955).

    The first part of the article describes the various kinds of querns, millstones and mortars made of the local basalt; it goes on to describe the tools used and the marks left on the stones and in the quarries from which they were taken, and the production process. It ends with an outline of the extensive trade in querns and millstones, in as far as it is known.

    The article is illustrated with diagrams and photos.

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