Romantik und Wirklichkeit der alten Mühlen

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    English titleThe romance and reality of old mills
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    Wittich, Richard [Author]

    Publisher Erich Röth Verlag
    Year of publication 1977

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    People and communities > People, families & firms


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    A collection of articles, many of them originally published pre-war, about mills, their history and the life of millers. They cover: the Mühlenplatz outdoor museum of miniature mills in Gieselwerder near Kassel; the history of water mills in Hessen and the rules governing milling; the tenancies of several named mills in Hessen; the decline of windmills in France; the fate of mills in the Val Gardena in the South Tyrol; the debate over plans to demolish a mill in Kassel; fulling and paper mills in Hessen; a story about a miller’s donkey; the history of the Marburg stone mill in the 18th century and the dynasty of millers of the Harler mill; a story about a miller who cured the local ruler; the craft of milling in Kassel; powder mills; the 18th century inventory of a water mill in Niedenstein; the soke mills of Vöhl and Thalitter.The book ends with details of the authors, most of whom were born before 1900. It is richly illustrated with black-and-white photos, drawings and diagrams.

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