New organic cereal arrives in Europe

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    Publisher Milling & Grain
    Year of publication 2017 March

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    Scope & contentA new cereal that has arrived in Germany has been unveiled at the world’s leading fair for the organic sector, Biofach.

    Agrasys, Barcelona and Gut Rosenkrantz a German milling company presented the new organic cereal ‘Tritordeum’.

    Tritordeum is an innovative cereal with countless nutritional benefits whilst being respectful to the environment.

    Dr Pilar Barceló, Managing Director of Agrasys, explains what he thinks makes this cereal special, “This new cereal is the child of a natural cross (a practice used since agriculture began) between these two species and has nothing to do with GMO. First of all, Tritordeum has particular qualities and functionalities not found in other cereals that make it very suitable for producing innovative products in response to consumer demands and current market trends.”

    Summarising, “This new cereal has nutritional, agronomical and organoleptic properties that make it special.” In comparison to wheat, it has high levels of dietary fibre, lutein – an antioxidant involved in eye health that projects the retina from UV light and the effects of again – and unsaturated fatty acids like oleic acid, very important in the Mediterranean diet. Furthermore, Tritordeum is considered more digestible than wheat…Read more.


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