Dust controls and the implications of NFPA standards

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    Year of publication 2017 September

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    Scope & content By J Tom Wright P.E., Director of Process and Installation, Kice Industries

    What is dust? A dust particle is a fine particle that is released and/or transported into the air either through entrainment with a product, displacement of air because of a product, in conveying air and/or in It can create issues such as:
    • Product degradation or loss
    • Health issue for workers
    • Safety issue for assets/ facilities
    • Sanitation and infestation Control
    • Maintenance
    • Equipment life expectancy
    • Retention of valuable product

    Read more about:
    The nature of dust
    Regulatory standards (NFPA) and what it means for dust control NFPA 652
    NFPA 61: Standard for the Prevention of Fires and Dust Explosions in Agricultural and Food Processing Facilities
    Which technology to use and when?
    Additional Owner/Operator Requirements


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