Flour World Museum. “The man from the glacier”. How Ötzi came to Wittenburg

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    Year of publication 2017 September

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    Scope & contentHe is the FIrst person known to have eaten cereals, and also the only life-liKe replica of the “Man from the glacier” in Germany.

    The “Flour.Power.Life” exhibition traces how important FLour has been for human history, with the Flour World Museum becoming a ‘Cereal Grains Knowledge Forum’. Two chance finds kickstarted what is now one of the most extensive exhibitions dedicated to the cultural and historical significance of flour.

    Unique replica of Ötzi
    An impressive symbol of the earliest history of grain cultivation, the “Man from the Glacier” launches the exhibition with a multimedia welcome to visitors. The mummified body the man who was found in the Ötztal Alps has been perfectly preserved and offers a window into the world of 5,300 years ago, the early phase of crop cultivation in Europe.

    In fact, two grains of cultivated einkorn were found in the remains of Ötzi’s fur coat. Einkorn is generally regarded as the oldest form of cultivated wheat. This replica of what Ötzi looked like is the only one in Germany. It was created in close cooperation with the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology, Bozen/Bolzano…Read more.


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