Development of mechanical flour milling in China

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    Wu, Wenbin [Author]

    Publisher Milling & Grain
    Year of publication 2017 September

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    Energy & power > Development of milling technology


    Scope & contentProfessor Wenbin Wu has worked in research and the scientific industry for more than three decades, specifically in the field of flour-milling equipment.

    He describes his contributions to the grain and oil industry as “designing and manufacturing milling equipment, products such as plansifters, seperators, Rollermills and Roll, purifiers.”

    During his long and full career Professor Wu has set many national standards for milling equipment.

    My story starts in fact as early at the fourth century. China began to use hydraulic mechanical drive, stone-mill grinding flour, ensuring that after thousands of years worth of history, the Chinese people have accumulated rich experience in the field of flour processing.

    In my opinion, the development of the flour-milling machine will further enhance quality consciousness, improve equipment reliability, as well as the stability and the gradual implementation of the intelligence found in the machine. It is important that as an industry we advocate equipment innovation being combined with mill technology innovation, this in turn with strengthen basic theory research. Alongside the intellectual development, we must also strengthen the physicality of the equipment, this can be done by; updating old manufacturing equipment, improving equipment processing precision (and the equipment level)…Read more.


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