Global Food Security

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    Scope & contentADM Aims to Improve Global Food Security and Mitigate Environmental Impacts

    By Martin Kropp, President, Animal Nutrition – EMEA, ADM

    Climate change is of utmost priority to business and the end-consumer. Globally, consumers are demanding a higher standard from companies regarding their environmental practices and are using their purchasing power to reinforce these values and beliefs. Research finds 49 percent of global consumers claim they have made changes to their diets, and 40 percent have chosen one product over another, in order to be more environmentally responsible.

    As a leader in human and animal nutrition, ADM is committed to playing our part within the global food system to serve the world’s nutritional needs while reducing environmental impacts. Extensive opportunity – and responsibility – exists within the agriculture sector to develop scalable nutrition solutions that contribute to a more sustainable food future, including efforts to improve livestock productivity, crop yields and manure management, and at the same time, reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

    ADM’s Strive 35 sustainability goals are an ambitious plan to reduce absolute GHG emissions by 25%, energy intensity by 15% and water intensity by 10%, and achieve a 90% landfill diversion rate by 2035 against a 2019 baseline. We’re also committed to be hundred percent deforestation-free by 2025, which includes direct and indirect sourcing of all commodities. Furthermore, we have committed to working with the Science-based Targets Initiative with the aim of obtaining approval of our climate targets and alignment with global goals to limit rising temperatures to 1.5OC.

    Our focus is unwavering on programs that help maintain continuity across the food and agriculture value chain and ensure people around the world are being fed...Read more.


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