Rise and fall of the Scottish cotton industry 1778-1914: the secret spring

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    Cooke, Anthony [Author]

    Publisher Manchester University Press
    Year of publication 2010

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    Dyestuffs & textiles > Cotton & linen

    Scope & contentCotton was a chief textile industry in Scotland during the early Industrial Revolution. This book traces the history of the Scottish cotton industry from its beginnings in the late eighteenth century to its premature decline in the years leading up to the First World War. A chronological history which examines a variety of themes including technology, capital and employers, markets, labour and work, placed within the socioeconomic context. The historiographical debates cover proto-industrialisation, the speed of industrial change, diffusion of technology, foreign competition, entrepreneurship and theories of industrial decline.Main chapter headings: 1 Beginnings - the pre-history of the industry; 2 The expansion of the industry 1778-1830; 3 Foreign competition, diversification and decline 1830-1914; 4 Technology; 5 Workers; 6 Employers; Appendix of wills and probate inventories of Scottish cotton merchants and manufacturers/partners in Scottish cotton mills, bleachfields and printworks, dyeworks and chemical works 1787-1812; Bibliography of 18 pages.
    KeywordsMilling, Textiles, People, Archaeology & history, Scotland

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