Alfred Rishworth Tattersall: Restoring the Small Miller to His Old Position

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    Eddershaw, David [Author]

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    Year of publication 2018 April

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    Scope & contentIt is generally accepted that Henry Simon's installation of a roller milling plant at McDougal's in Manchester in 1878 led to a revolution in flour milling which in turn caused a rapid decline in the number of small rural mills reliant on millstones. It has been estimated that of about 10,000 wind and watermills in 1880, only about 2,000 remained by 1910.

    Not all of them disappeared so quickly, however, and one man in particular helped to prolong the survival of many of these small mills much longer than might otherwise have been the case. Alfred Rishworth Tattersall came from the tiny village of Arthington in Wharfedale, Yorkshire, where his father ran a small farm of 60 acres. Alfred was born in 1864 and soon after leaving school went to work in a local flour mill. He claimed to be the fourth generation of the Tattersall family to be millers, but it was the mechanical side of the business that really interested him…Read more.


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