George Sorocold, Hydraulic Engineer

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    Gifford, Alan [Author]

    Publisher SPAB
    Year of publication 2013

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    Scope & contentFor about 7 years I have been researching George Sorocold. It all started when I found he had installed a hydraulically powered water pumping system in Derby in the 1690's, and it has gone on from there. Just over two years ago I met Paul Sharrett, who works as a modern water engineer, and we decided to pool resources. We both felt that for too long George Sorocold had gone unrecognised, and decided to propose he received a blue plaque. This article is the submission which we wrote, which, I am pleased to say, was successful.

    We believe a Blue Plaque to George Sorocold, located at the Silk Mill , close to the location of his early Waterworks and Cotchett's Mill, could not fail to promote a wider knowledge and understanding of this truly great, innovative and yet forgotten, local Engineer…Read more.


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