Wynn Tremenheere, 1925 - 2015

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    Scope & contentOn the 5th February the sweeps of Union Mill Cranbrook were left in the mourning position recognising the passing of Wynn Tremenheere who had died earlier that day.

    I knew Wynn for more than 50 years (his daughter Wendy and I started Primary School on the same day). From the very early days of the Cranbrook Windmill Association (the group who look after the mill on a day by day basis) Wynn took a leading role. A self-caught volunteer millwright who knew every part of the mill and the mill's history and delighted in sharing this knowledge with the many visitors that walked through the door of the mill, whether they were 7 or 70, from Hawkhurst or Holland, his enthusiasm was there for all to see and share.

    Wynn served on the Cranbrook Windmill Association committee for many years and wrote a very easy to read guide to the mill. He visited many other mills both in UK and also in Europe. He compiled albums of photographs and press cuttings which he made available to visitors, such was his generous spirit.

    Union Mill Cranbrook is known for its association with the Russell family, but I believe it should also be known for its connection with Wynn.

    In February I lost a friend but more importantly Union Mill Cranbrook lost one of her best friends. Wynn's monument, like Sir Christopher Wren at St. Paul's Cathedral 'is all around you' when you visit this remarkable mill which was looked after so well, by such a remarkable man.

    A Tribute to Wynn from Andy White, Chairman of the Cranbrook Windmill Association:

    While we mourn the passing of Wynn we rejoice in the legacy he leaves behind at the windmill.

    What a man, what an enthusiast, what an inspiration. Windmill Wynn, or Mr Windmill as he was sometimes affectionately referred to was the backbone of the Cranbrook Windmill Association, the CWA. He was until November last year, the Chairman of our committee and as such steered us through an amazing year of activities to celebrate the bi-centenary of our iconic and much loved Union Mill, meeting and greeting the Mayor and other dignitaries and despite his advancing years he was always on hand to enthusiastically support the various celebrations…Read more.


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