John Langdon 1944 - 2016

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    Scope & contentJohn Langdon, author of Mills in the Medieval Economy, died on 31 December 2016 at the age of 72.

    The son of a Canadian soldier, John was born in Nelson, Lancashire, and his family emigrated to Canada when he was two. He studied chemical engineering at university in Western Ontario and it was some years later, whilst in England, that he found medieval history and technology to be his true calling. His doctoral research on the use of draught animals in English farming in the Middle Ages was carried out at the University of Birmingham and he followed on from this by working on a research project on English medieval milling under Dr Christopher Dyer.

    In 1984 he took up an appointment as assistant professor of English Medieval History at the University of Alberta, and the mills project in Birmingham was taken on by Richard Holt, who published The Mills of Medieval England in 1988. John continued with his research into mills, however, as well as other aspects of medieval agriculture and technology, and published a number of original and useful articles. His magnum opus, Mills in the Medieval Economy, England 1300-1540, the product of twenty years' research, was published by Oxford University Press in 2004…Read more.


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