Arthur 'Mr. Windmills' Smith - An Appreciation of His Life

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    Year of publication 2013 October

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    Scope & contentArthur C. Smith, 1924 – 2013

    Arthur Smith, who died on Tuesday 18th June 2013 at a residential home in Newton Abbot, Devon, was best known to people in the mill world as a first class researcher and meticulous recorder windmills, in photographs as well as text. Completed surveys of the surviving windmills of a dozen English counties include about 750 Mills and old sites, all visited and recorded personally.

    Well into his 80s when he died, Arthur travelled over 20,000 miles, seldom by any form of transport other than by bicycle, during the 1970s and 1980s after coming across John Vince's book Discovering Windmills. Dissatisfied with the little information that he could find written about windmills or where they were, he decided to find out and this became an absorbing interest, culminating in books recording the windmills by County, all published by himself at his own cost…Read more.


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