Michael Chapman 1934-2017

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    Hill, Peter J [Author]

    Publisher SPAB Mill News
    Year of publication 2017 October

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    Scope & contentAlthough I had known Mike for many years I knew very little of the man himself. He was a very private and insecure sort of person who spoke little about his life outside of his love and great interest in mills and Guide Dogs for the Blind, the latter as a result of his beloved wife Pam (who died suddenly IO years ago) being blind.

    Unquestionably his strength lay in his ability to source funding for the restoration work both at Stone Cross and Windmill Hill mills and he worked tirelessly to secure what was best for every aspect of the project. There were instances when he was not the easiest person to get on with but this was simply because he just wanted what was right for the mill and was determined that authenticity be adhered to. Mike was a true follower of the old adage 'if a job is worth doing it is worth doing well'...Read more.


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