Importance of starch damage in wheat and milling industry

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    Year of publication 2023

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    Scope & contentBy Rabia Tiryaki, Bastak İnstruments, Turkey

    At the beginning of the chemical and physicochemical properties sought in wheat and flour or semolina produced from wheat, the agricultural products that were the subject of the most international trade in history; amounts of water, ash, protein, gluten, gluten index, Zeleny sedimentation, starch and starch damage.

    The amount of starch, which is the main component in wheat flour at the highest rate, has a very important effect on bakery products. Starch interacts with the other components and forms the dough structure. Water absorption, one of the most important functional parameters of starch, affects the quality and texture of bakery products. While intact starch granules have the ability to absorb approximately 0.33 times their weight in water, damaged starch granules can absorb water as much as their own weight.

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