Milling Journal, a new online publication by Perendale Publishers Ltd.

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    Publisher Milling & Grain
    Year of publication 2023 January

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    Contemporary news > 2023
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    Scope & contentMilling Journal is a new online publication by Perendale Publishers Ltd., United Kingdom with its distinguished track record of technical and trade magazines in the agricultural, aquaculture and food sciences. This new peer-reviewed scientific journal will serve academia and the commercial milling sectors and related cereal and grain industries with high-quality papers.

    The Journal will particularly embrace scientific and technical information on novel processes enabling the generation of ingredients for manufacture of bread, cakes, confectionary, pasta and a plethora of applications for diverse types of breakfast cereals, beverages and the infant formula markets.

    Milling Journal will appeal to the veterinary practitioner, scientist, technician, feed manufacturer and at various levels in academia such as undergraduate, masters, PhD students and post-doctoral researcher being an invaluable source of validated information and a potential location for their own research findings…Read more.


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