Milling around the countryside: a landscape approach to medieval windmills in Northamptonshire

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    Miller, Alexandra [Author]

    Publisher University of Reading
    Year of publication 2016

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    Medium Thesis/Report

    Wind & watermills > England > Northamptonshire


    Scope & contentDissertation of 108 pages for MA Archaeology of Medieval Europe, Department Archaeology, University of Reading.

    The project aims to show that the study of windmills in the landscape of Northamptonshire can contribute to a wider understanding of the settlements and field systems with which they are associated, as well as the medieval windmill's place in the real and conceptual landscape.

    This is achieved by critical assessment of the methods for identifying windmills, then the windmill mounds (there are no extant windmills) are studied in relation to the parish and field boundaries and their proximity to settlement any watermills in the area. Chapter Headings Medieval windmills in context: documentary evidence and interpretation

    The archaeology of medieval windmills Windmills and the medieval landscape of Northamptonshire (including subsections on mapping windmills, case studies of windmill sites and windmills, settlements and field systems A communal labour saving device or symbol of Lordly power? Windmills in the conceptual landscape Conclusion and future research Appendix A: Table of case studies information Appendix B: Case study maps

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