Pitstone windmill: the rescue of an ancient landmark

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    Wray, David [Author]
    Hillier, Roger [Author]

    Publisher Choir Press
    Year of publication 2016

    English (main text)

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    Wind & watermills > England > Buckinghamshire


    Scope & contentDescribes the history and restoration of Pitstone Windmill, also known as Ivinghoe Mill, the oldest surviving post mill in England, dating from 1627 but dendrochronology suggests that some of the timbers date from the late 1590's.
    Includes information about the owners and millers, as well as members of the restoration team and windmill committee. Photographs and illustrations.
    The chapter on structure and functin is illustrated with drawings by John Brandrick extracted from a three-dimensional drawing of the entire mill

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    • 1: History of Pitstone windmill
    • 2: Restoration of Pitstone windmill
    • 3: Pitstone windmill since 1970
    • 4: Structure and workings of Pitstone windmill
    • 5: Dendochronology report