£1.5M crop research centre opens at University of Warwick

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    Publisher Milling & Grain
    Year of publication 2022 December

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    Scope & contentA facility using gene-editing technology to improve quality, resilience and sustainability of vegetable crops has opened at the University of Warwick.

    The Elizabeth Creak Horticultural Technology Centre (ECHTC), which also contains The Jim Brewster Laboratory, is a UK£1.5 million facility which will use cutting edge techniques such as gene-editing to improve vegetable crops. Addressing issues relating to disease resistance, crop yield, adaptability to climate change and nutritional value in horticultural plants, the research will help with the key global challenges of climate change and feeding the world's growing population.

    The new Centre, funded by philanthropic donations from the Elizabeth Creak Charitable Trust and the estate of Jim Brewster, who was a research scientist at the former National Vegetable Research Station in Wellesbourne, adds to Warwick's world leading expertise in crops and plant breeding…Read more.

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