Mühlenchemie improves baking with composite flour

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    Publisher Milling & Grain
    Year of publication 2022 December

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    Cereal processes > Baking & bread


    Scope & contentFlour treatment specialist Mühlenchemie has developed a new series of enzyme-based products that improve baking results with composite flours. These solutions allow replacement of up to 20 percent of the wheat with alternative raw materials, without losses in quality. This enables the use of locally available grains and reduces dependence on global raw materials markets. The 'Compozym' toolbox is available for numerous applications and flours and is being extended for further uses.

    Rising grain prices and varying market availability have hit the milling and baking industry hard. In particular, import of the wheat used for many baked goods increases the cost pressure on companies. So mills are looking for ways to make their raw materials sourcing less dependent on the global wheat market. One way to achieve this is to use composite flours made of wheat and other crops, such as maize, cassava or sorghum, which are grown and available locally in many parts of the world.

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