Research confirms the carbon footprint of New Zealand beef and lamb is amongst the lowest in the world

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    Year of publication 2022

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    Scope & contentThe comprehensive study by AgResearch has found that a kilo of New Zealand sheepmeat has a carbon footprint of just under 15 kilograms (kgs) of CO2 equivalent emissions per kilo. Meanwhile, the carbon footprint of New Zealand beef is just under 22kgs– making the country's red meat among the most efficient in the world.

    The researchers, which compared New Zealand's on-farm emissions to a range of countries' footprints across the globe, concluded that when New Zealand beef or sheepmeat is exported, the total carbon footprint is lower or very similar to domestically produced red meat in those nations. This is because New Zealand is so efficient at the farm level, which represents about 90-95 percent of the total carbon footprint. New Zealand's on-farm footprint was about half the average of the other countries compared in the study…Read more.

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