Commodity handling equipment. Why understanding what the right configuration for your operation is key

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    Publisher Milling & Grain
    Year of publication 2022 November

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    Scope & content By Andrew Head, Sales Director, BDC Systems Ltd, UK

    With increased uncertainty around energy costs, both commercial grain operators, millers
    and farmers alike are struggling to make accurate forecasts as to exactly what they are going to have to pay.

    It has perhaps never been so important for business organisations of all sizes, where grain handing is an integral part of their overall operation, to be using the right equipment for the right commodity. It is all about the right horses for the right courses.

    Using the right equipment for the right commodity will help to ensure that each piece of machinery is working at optimal efficiency and therefore not wasting valuable energy attempting to handle commodities that can, and should, be handled more efficiently.

    This article aims to provide advice for milling operators around what they need and what they should be considering when selecting the equipment for the mechanical handling of incoming commodities into their storage silos before the milling process begins.

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