Argonauta. Part 8.2

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Antolini, Sergio [Author]

Publisher Milling & Grain
Year of publication 2022 November

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Arts, culture and heritage


The bread from the ground to the table

Author - Dr Sergio Antolini, President of Ocrim and Paglierani, Italy

Bread is not an obvious food, but is, on the contrary, the result of a long production process and a refined food civilization.

The process is not so simple as it is not just a mixture of water and flour, but a process that requires experience and control of capable hands.

From the sowing to the harvesting of the wheat, from the threshing of the grains to their grinding to be converted into flour, from the dough of the flour with water and yeast to baking in the oven. The phenomenon of leavening, which man discovers in nature, but which he succeeds in replicating, is astonishing, and absolutely decisive.

The Egyptians, excellent farmers, were the first true bakers, systematically adopting the leavening technique, adding a piece of dough left over from the day before to the amalgam of flour and water.
A practice that much later will be called natural leavening.

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