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    Publisher Milling & Grain
    Year of publication 2022

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    Cereal processes > Cereal and milling science

    Scope & contentCrisis situations often force manufacturers to seek hidden reserves for self-preservation, and to look for new ways of survival and development.

    2020 became a stark example of the global crisis, which affected even the basic industries - baking and grain processing.

    Now all those who know that the crisis is the time for new opportunities, are the companies that will succeed.

    In relation to a global decrease in purchasing power, maximising production efficiency with minimal costs and an emphasis on environmental friendliness became more in everyone’s best interests than ever before.

    The coronavirus pandemic has also focused global attention on health and good nutrition, not just for each person, but across entire countries. Now it has become more important to evaluate food products in terms of nutritional and biological value. And production is moving to a new level, in which the main task is to get a product under the ‘Clean label.’

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