World economy is in flux - as seen from a UK perspective

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    Gilbert, Roger [Author]

    Publisher Milling & Grain
    Year of publication 2022 October

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    Scope & contentBy Roger Gilbert

    Over the past year the UK£ has lost 16 percent of its value against the US$; although the UK£ is bouncing back after the initial impact - of a mid-September mini budget from a changed Conservative leadership - had been digested.

    Overlooking the currency market’s impact on the global price of food is tempting, given the obvious repercussions of the war between Russia and the Ukraine and the resulting energy crisis stimulated by the dependence we now have - particularly in Europe on gas.

    Food production and food costs are of critical importance and the milling industry is at the very heart of the transformation of globally-produced raw materials and commodities into high value foods and feedstuffs that are affordable to both farmers and consumers alike no matter where any of them live… Read more.


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