Berte Qvarn. The natural choice

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    Year of publication 2022 September

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    Scope & contentBy Jenny Dal Zotto, Product Management & Marketing Oats

    Berte Qvarn, Sweden have been milling wheat and rye for 450 years. When the biggest producer of oat milk in the world contacted Berte Qvarn to process oats for them, it was clear from day one that Bühler would design, build, and support running the plant.

    Today, the family-owned company operates one of the most modern oat processing plants in the world – a testament to the revival of oats as a healthy and nutritious superfood, and perfectly in tune with the company’s far-sighted sustainability targets.

    Helena Stenström’s gaze wanders over Berte Qvarn’s milling headquarters in Slöinge, located between Malmö and Gothenburg in the south of Sweden. On the right, adjacent to the Suseån river, stands the picturesque brick building, where her family started milling wheat a mere 14 generations ago.

    The old hydroelectric power station is testament of their drive for sustainability and will soon be modernised to supply up to 40 percent of energy needs for the milling operations. To its left towers the modern wheat mill with the storage silos, where Sweden’s oldest family-owned company processes 70 thousand tonnes of wheat per year. On the far left, slightly elevated, the state-of-the-art oat processing plant catches her eye.

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