The evolution of grain & oilseed analysis methods

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    Year of publication 2022

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    Scope & contentHow new technology is ensuring the highest standards of safety and quality at every stage of the grain journey

    By Wes Shadow, Global Market Manager for Grain & Processed Food, PerkinElmer, Inc. Applied and Food segment

    I’ve been involved in the grain industry for over 30 years. This started when I joined Perten Instruments, working in and managing the applications department. I focused on NIR calibration development and supporting Falling Number testing. During that time, NIR has really grown to be the go-to technique for rapid analysis of food, grain, flour, and feed analysis.

    In 2014, when Perten Instruments became a part of PerkinElmer, we were able to combine PerkinElmer’s long-standing analytical and methodology development expertise with Perten’s food market expertise to now offer the world’s most comprehensive set of food analysis solutions across safety and quality testing.

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