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    Publisher Milling & Grain
    Year of publication 2022 August

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    Cereal processes > Handling, storage & transport


    Scope & contentGuttridge celebrates six decades of serving our industry

    located a stone’s throw away from the UK’s easternmost seaboard, the English town of Spalding sits upon some of the flattest landscape that the country has to offer. Huddled amongst the town’s pancake flat skyline, punctuated only by the imposing twin chimneys of the local power station, you will find the light blue clad British headquarters of Guttridge.

    Built upon a solid foundation of six decades of industry experience, Guttridge remains globally respected for delivering well-engineered, reliable material handling solutions whilst continuing to anticipate the market’s dramatically changing needs.

    In addition to supplying everything from single machines to fully integrated handling solutions, the company also manufactures in both stainless steel and mild steel, producing durable equipment for every material whilst eliminating the risk of contamination.

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