Rice flour bread. The increasing popularity of rice flour as an alternative to wheat flour in Japan

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    Publisher Milling & Grain
    Year of publication 2022 August

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    Scope & contentBy Mitsutaka Hisada, Planning Section Manager, International Management Office, Satake Corporation, Japan

    As a result of shortages in wheat supply due to weather conditions and other constraints from major wheat producing countries, the use of rice flour as an alternative to wheat flour is gaining popularity in Japan.

    These issues have caused price hikes of wheat and wheat-derived products. For example, in Japan where about 90 percent of wheat consumed is imported, the price of wheat has risen by 17.3 percent as of April 2022 and has similarly increased the price of bread and other baked foods made from wheat.

    Consequently, rice flour emerges as an economical alternative to wheat flour.

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