Argonauta. Part 7

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Antolini, Sergio [Author]

Publisher Milling & Grain
Year of publication 2022 July

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Arts, culture and heritage


Scope & contentAncient or modern wheat?

Author - Dr Sergio Antolini, President of Ocrim and Paglierani, Italy

A grain of wheat is characterized by a very complex structure, with different wrappings and membranes and moreover with variable characteristics from harvest to harvest, determined by the soil and the climate.

Making the nutrients contained in the grain accessible was a human requirement since the discovery of wheat; it was therefore necessary to work it, starting with the milling.

A real art milling and that of the miller a very special job, which contains a series of vast skills.

The miller must be a botanist, because he must know and distinguish the raw material, the cereals he grinds; the miller must be a chemist and biologist, because he needs to analyze the materials he uses and the products he creates; the miller must mean mechanics and hydraulics, to run the machinery.

All this makes the miller a craftsman and entrepreneur at the same time.

The first grinding techniques, from prehistoric times to the Roman age, are limited to shredding the cereal, crushing it between two smooth stones that are made to rotate only by the muscular strength of people or animals….Read more.


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