Oklahoma State University is developing higher quality wheat

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    Publisher Milling & Grain
    Year of publication 2022 July

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    Scope & contentWheat harvest is underway in Oklahoma, and as an appropriate prelude, members of the OSU Wheat Improvement Team are working.

    Oklahoma State University wheat genetics chair Brett Carver shared with wheat producers at the recent Lahoma Field Day that his team of OSU wheat researchers have been breeding wheat varieties with exceptionally high gluten quality, excellent yield and reliable disease resistance.

    “With wheat, we can look at a lot of different quality factors, but the one that probably stands out the most is the gluten quality,” Mr Carver says. “The better the gluten quality, the better we can make a loaf of bread. That's not to discount yield. We're always going to be thinking about yield, but let's bring quality into the conversation”...Read more.


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