Women in Industry and Technology From Prehistory to the Present Day: Current research and the museum experience

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    Devonshire, Amanda
    Wood, Barbara

    Publisher Museum of London
    Year of publication 1996

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    Arts, culture and heritage > The role of women


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    Divisions within this publication

    • 1: Searching for role models and women's presence in museums and heritage
    • 2: Women in prehistory
    • 3: Fragmentary evidence from Roman Britain
    • 4: Apprentices, wives and widows AD 500 -1800
    • 5: From the pit to the office - 19th to the 20th century
    • 6: The industry of war
    • 7: Contemporary collecting and working outside the museum
    • 8: The "Guerilla Girls" or "a Gentle Group of Academics and Museum Workers"