Millet, ‘smart food of the 21st century’

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    Scope & contentBy Vivian Fernandes, Editor, ''

    Karnataka is dressing them up as “siridanya” or rich grains that should be on every thinking eater’s plate. For Icrisat, the Hyderabad-based international crops research institute for semi-arid tropics, they are “smart foods of the 21st century” which are “good for you – the planet – the farmer”.

    Millets are officially classified as coarse cereals or food of the poor. When I was school-going, my mother would frighten me into studying, because the alternative was possible deviancy, a term in jail and daily servings of ‘ragi mudde’ or steamed finger millet balls, which, in her view, was an agony worse than the loss of liberty.

    Now, their very coarseness endears them to the city-bred with delicate constitutions and a less squeamish attitude to excess. With lifestyle diseases like diabetes and hypertension upending communicable ones as major causes of disability and death, millets have wormed their way back into urban diets, after they were banished by the Green Revolution…Read more.


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