The development of new technologies for feed and food milling

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    Publisher Milling & Grain
    Year of publication 2018

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    Scope & contentClifford Spencer, Goodwill Ambassador, NEPAD and Chairman, Milling4Life

    A fertile area for the milling industry over the next few decades is the development of new technologies and machines for milling in both the feed and food areas.

    Interest in the development of drought-tolerant grains is increasing in several developing countries such as India, China, and some countries of Africa because of water scarcity and increasing populations. In addition, the earmarked funds to scientific research, for purposes of improving and increasing their production and utilisation as food have also been increased. In particular the area of an expanding crop feedstock choice and with that the need for dealing with the processing of these crops previously not considered, and the potential range of new products from these crops is one that the industry can profitably address…Read more.


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