Waterwheel: teacher's handbook

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    Singleton, Michael [Author]

    Publisher Painshill Park Education Trust
    Year of publication 1991

    English (main text)

    Medium Education pack

    Scope & contentA teacher's guide for school visits to see the Bramah waterwheel at Painshill Park, Surrey. The undershot waterwheel driven by two sets of pumps raises water from the river Mole to supply the ornamental cascade and lakes in the garden. Contains a history of waterwheels in general and a description of how they work. A description of the Bramah waterwheel and how it works with lesson plans and ten activities with a vocabulary list for the different parts of the waterwheel. Includes and bibliography and a list of other Surrey mills to visit. Contains 10 loose laminated orange sheets with activity questions on that link to the answers in the teacher's handbook.
    KeywordsSurrey, Millwrighting, Drainage, pumps & wells, Archaeology & history

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