OSU scientist discovers a wheat gene that increases grain yield

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    Publisher Milling & Grain
    Year of publication 2022

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    Scope & contentBuilding the genetic make up for the ideal wheat crop is no easy task. Just ask Liuling Yan, the Dillon and Lois Hodges professor of wheat molecular genetics and breeding in the Oklahoma State University Department of Plant and Soil Sciences, who recently discovered the TaCol-B5 gene in wheat plants.

    What makes this gene so special?

    It enhances wheat yield by more than 10 percent – a significant increase in the world of wheat production.

    Due to a rapidly growing human population and climate change, there is a need for crop varieties that produce high yields with limited amounts of artificial fertilisers and pesticides and that are more resilient to unpredictable weather.

    Discovering genes like TaCol-B5 is so important for feeding the world. The direct effect on grain production makes it an excellent candidate for getting the most out of one's wheat crop – literally...Read more.


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