Flour milling is a profession as misunderstood as it is ancient

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    Publisher Milling & Grain
    Year of publication 2021

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    Scope & contentTo the uninitiated, milling technology will always begin and end with picturesque windmills – although the truth, of course, is that milling is now one of the most advanced of all food production industries, and its employees among the most highly skilled.

    Modern milling requires mastery of a range of disciplines, and achieving the necessary level of expertise requires access to industry-specific training.

    For over a hundred years, UK Flour Millers – the trade association for the UK flour milling industry, previously known as nabim – has provided that training. And graduates of its courses continue to provide the backbone of the industry on a worldwide basis.

    At the heart of the UK Flour Millers offering are the distance learning courses that provide millers with an essential understanding and underpinning knowledge of the milling industry. Taking the form of seven modules, these courses are studied by hundreds of students around the world and lead to the Advanced Certificate in Flour Milling...Read more.


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