So you want to be a Miller?

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    Year of publication 2021

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    Scope & contentSo much to learn – you never stop growing

    James Cooper, Milling and Grain’s contributing correspondent, examines an industry which brings together the best of craft, science and technology through its commitment to training. It’s an industry focused on its future, where employment opportunities are changing and a younger generation is being called upon to join.

    By James Cooper, MAG Correspondent

    There’s more to being a miller than a love of bread.

    There are many different careers within the flour milling industry and many benefits of working in it. In one way or another nearly everyone in the UK purchases flour; it is a significant source of a range of vitamins and minerals and protein. That’s quite some super-hero status – that both feeds and nourishes a nation.

    Also, vital to the smooth running of mills are engineers, food scientists, nutritionists, laboratory workers, marketeers, accountants and hauliers among others. A potential big lure to new recruits is that salaries within the flour milling industry are above the average for food manufacturing and on a par with advanced engineering sectors such as aerospace.

    According to industry figures the average salary for a Miller in the UK is UK£35,652 (US$50,000). It's a sophisticated, technical industry, but one that offers plenty of job opportunities both here in the UK and overseas.

    I’ve taken the opportunity to talk with three representative from different walks of life within the industry to offer their views on milling as a career and the importance they place on training.

    A word of warning though; working in a mill all day may arouse a passion for artisan baking!

    An educator says ...
    Nigel Bennett, Training Manager at UK Flour Millers (formerly NABIM)

    A Miller says ...
    Richard Phipps, 38, Mill Manager, GR Wright & Sons Ltd, UK

    An employer says ...
    David Wright, Managing Director, GR Wright & Sons Ltd, UK


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