Mill E3. Unveiling of new high-tech plant is “a transformative moment in the history of flour milling”

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    Publisher Milling & Grain
    Year of publication 2021 November

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    Scope & contentSituated in the north of England at Whitley Bridge in Yorkshire, a new milling plant is being described as a transformative moment in the history of flour milling. Built for the UK's largest miller Whitworth Bros Ltd, the company is already reaping the benefits of the Mill E3's technological and digital capabilities.

    Touted as being one of the most high-tech mills on the market, at the heart of the Mill E3 lie more than 15,000 data points collecting information on all aspects of the production process.

    The opening of the first Mill E3 is a key staging post in the journey to the SmartMill and it is the volume of data being analysed, along with the cutting-edge application of blockchain technology, that will seek to enable the most efficient, transparent, and consistent production possible -with the aim of delivering the highest quality product.

    The data generated and analysed at the Whitley Bridge plant will drive the evolution of milling technology from the current data assisted mill into a plant capable of using its own process parameters in a closed loop to optimise production.

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