IFF’s ‘Insect Revolution’

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    Publisher Milling & Grain
    Year of publication 2022

    Medium Digital

    Cereal processes > Animal feed milling

    Scope & contentA two-day online conference focusing on the potential of insects

    By Caitlin Gittins, Milling and Grain magazine

    On 19-20 January 2022, the IFF hosted the online conference, ‘Insect revolution! Healthy, sustainable, protein rich and delicious'.

    This two-day conference boasted a proud total of nine hours of in-depth knowledge and understanding of the whole production process reviewed by leading experts in the field is highly recommended for both food and feed production professionals in 11 separate presentations.

    This event was designed with food and feed nutritionists, owners and operators of food and feed manufacturing processes, companies and organizations looking to advance their knowledge and understanding of the potential of insects as alternative sustainable protein carriers in mind.

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    Day One - delivering to the industry
    Plant concepts for larvae processing
    Day Two - Selling petfood with insects in Europe
    An insight in insect cooking


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