Dust dangers. Monitoring for unexpected events

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    Publisher Milling & Grain
    Year of publication 2018 June

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    Scope & contentBy John Korpi, Sales Director, Sintrol, Finland

    Where there is dust, there is the problem. Operators often have to rely on a visible dust cloud to give them information that something is wrong.
    But what if there are no operators present? The future of dust monitoring is automated, continuous and in real time.

    • A rugged and reliable measuring method to help mitigate the risks of dust explosions
    • The chances are low, and the risks are real
    • Risk areas / typical points of measurement

    When working with combustible dust, companies usually have numerous precautions, policies, procedures and equipment in place so that when they all work together, it will maximise safety.

    Real time dust monitoring for the detection of upset dust conditions can be just one more safeguard to help mitigate the risks. Good housekeeping practice and confidence in dust management should be the norm. Manual grab samples have their place, but it is time for operators to stop relying on them as their primary method of measuring dust...Read more.


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