Dust dangers. A deadly problem - causes and cures

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    Year of publication 2018 June

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    Scope & contentBy Vaughn Entwistle, Features Editor, Milling and Grain

    Dust explosions have posed a long-standing threat to the grain and milling industry. One of the earliest documented accounts hearkens back to the 18th century in Turin, Italy. An explosion occurred at Mr Giacomelli’s Bakery Warehouse, and was recorded by a Count Morozzo, who described how flour dust was ignited by an ignition source in the form of a lamp mounted to help flour handlers see. The resulting explosion propagated in multiple directions injuring two employees working in the warehouse. We learn in Morozzo’s report that the flour was extremely dry, and therefore had less moisture than usual.

    This tragic scenario has been repeated time and again right up to the modern day. And even though the causes of are now readily understood, dust explosions keep happening.

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