Enhancing the African rice market

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    Publisher Milling & Grain
    Year of publication 2022 April

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    Cereal processes > Rice milling


    Scope & contentDeveloping a system that consistently produces high-quality, polished & packed white rice

    By Adesina Precious, International Management Division, Satake, Japan

    Rice is Africa’s second most consumed grain (after maize) and is growing in popularity faster than any other staple food. Driven to meet the needs of its fast-growing population, large scale rice production in Africa has proliferated and become a significant source of revenue for many economies. Investment continues to increase as more stakeholders seek to meet demand and find profits in this booming market.

    Satake Corporation manufactures and supplies rice processing machinery to over 150 countries worldwide, including ones in Africa. The focus of this article is on how Satake’s products benefit stakeholders in the African rice market.

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